Smart Team, Smart Dream

Welcome To Omniconsulting

Omniconsultuing is a customer success driven e-commerce expert team.. Our team is experimented in agile integration to enable quick and efficient go to market. This helps our customers to have a quick return on investment and end customer feedback. We are not only an IT team, we are also retail and digital market experts. This means that we have a perfect overview and expertise that we reflect in translating our client's business needs to a perfect product-market fit.

We believe in helping our clients achieve success through solutions that are easy to use, dependable and have the capability to grow along with our clients. We are a multidisciplinary team with diverse and complementary profiles who work together every day thanks to a foundation of common values that guide our internal exchanges, our relationships with our clients, and the strategies we develop for your clients.



Convinced that the success of a project relies on the sharing of knowledge and a collaborative approach, our consultants are keen to accompany our customers as closely as possible and to help each other.


Because there can be no effective work without shared pleasure, our consultants approach each of their missions with enthusiasm. It is the engine that allows us to meet challenges with passion.


It is essential to our ongoing search for performance and is an integral part of our corporate culture. Creativity arises from the encounter between Innovation and curiosity of our talents. It is vital to meet the unique needs of our customers and always stay ahead


Our team of qualified and experienced consultants ensures an optimal experience both in the results and in the interactions between the client company and our consultants. It is an inseparable requirement of our vision of the profession